Nulisku News Algoritma Pemeringkat Situs Terbaru dari Google : Algorithms & Rating Agency Latest Google Sites 2015

Algoritma Pemeringkat Situs Terbaru dari Google : Algorithms & Rating Agency Latest Google Sites 2015

Algorithms & Rating Agency Latest Google Sites 2015

Sobat, beriktu informasi yang sangat baik buat pengetahuan memperbagus cara meningkatkan rating dan kualitas blog kita.

Mohon dicermati njeh (maaf masih dalam konteks English).

Google rank blogs/ websites based on the accuracy of the information (facts), is no longer a backlink. The latest algorithm MobileGeddon launched 21 April 2015. GOOGLE wants to rank websites based on facts, not links. Google rank websites based on the Accuracy of Information.

Thus two post title that references the latest Google algorithm writing and SEO 2015, at the same time update the previous post: Google has begun to ignore backlinks and Google Page Rank (PR) Not Applicable After the Blog.

In essence, Google continues to improve system crawler, index, and ranking sites with a focus on content quality or the quality of the post / article.
Accuracy of information, facts, or data can not be manipulated as keywords (keywords), incoming links (inbound links / backlinks), and page rank (PageRank), with the number “seo services” and tricks seo illegal (black hat SEO) .

Possibility, in the future popularity seo services will decline and bermunculkan services or the provision of blog content writing / wesbite (web content editor).

Is still valid backlink? Still, it remains important, but Google improve the assessment, ie only quality backlinks (quality link) and natural (natural links) are calculated.

Trust Rank (TR)
With a focus on content, Google also increasingly stringent use TrustRank (TR), which is a device or a sophisticated system for separating between pages (blig) which is really useful for the user and spam.

Blog with quality content will certainly have a good TR. In contrast, a blog whose contents are not qualified will be considered spam, especially if the blogger likes nyepam on another blog.

Knowledge-Based Trust
Many sources say, Google has now started to base the ranking websites / blogs on Knowledge-Based Trust and Accuracy of Information.
Google started to assess the blog of the accuracy of the information based on “data bank of knowledge” that they have that contains 2.8 billion facts called Knowledge Vault.

“Google is working on a system where it can Determine the trustworthiness of a page not by who is linking to it, or how many incoming links it has, but by the number of facts it contains” (MBT)

Scores in the Knowledge-Based Trust that Google started to rank websites / blogs in search results pages (Google SERP).

Mobile Geddon
In addition to the accuracy of the information and TR, next to the popularity of your site / blog is also determined by whether or not the design respinsive website / blog. Essentially, websites / blogs that are not respinsif (mobile friendly), will have a poor rank on Google.

Please refer to:1. Mobilegeddon “Is Coming on April 212. New Google’s Mobile Friendly Update

For bloggers blog, do not worry, in addition to already loads responsive and seo friendly template, blogger providing responsive template default (default) who live set on the mobile device (Template> Mobile).



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