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SEO Tips: Keyword Research and Analysis of The Competition

What is keyword research (keyword research) and also what is the analysis of the competition? The user did a search in the search engines using keywords or keyword, and the machine will give you results that are relevant to that keyword.

With the help of a tool from Google, we can do the research to get the keywords that are popular or that competition low.

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The importance of keyword research

 SEO Tips: Keyword Research and Analysis of The Competition

Early in my career as a blogger, as yet understand about keyword research I create articles with the topic that does not exist and its search. I wonder, when the articles it is on rank 1 Google search results but why not getting traffic?

Recently after I understand about keyword research keyword I am aware that I seek no one looking.

So, keyword research is important so that we are not tired-tired of creating the article and then eventually nothing is read.

Then what is the analysis of the competition?

For new blogs or websites that are the Foundation of his yet powerful SEO, there are times when we need to target keywords that kompetisinya low so that we can still appear on the first page.

Keyword research with Google’s Keyword Planner

My favorite tool in doing keyword research is GKP or Google Keyword Planner. The reason is, because it’s free and feature complete. In addition, because Google’s own certainly is more accurate.

Keyword research with Google's Keyword Planner

To do a keyword research way is pretty easy:

  1. Enter a keyword, you can enter more than one.
  2. Toenter more thanone keywordusecommasorlinebreak
  3. Set thetargetcountry
  4. Select the language
  5. Click’ getideas’

By leveraging our knowledge regarding on-page SEO from the previous chapter, we can optimize our website by using the keywords are selling clothes rather than buying clothes. As this is the core basis of keyword research.

Search for keywords with low competition

When doing keyword research, we normally as a new website owners vied for the competition is low. This is because the new website usually does not yet have “the Foundation” that strong so it will be lost if rival champions with huge website.

Long tail keyword

Another one that you need to know about keyword research, namely the long tail keywords or long tail keywords.

In addition to keyword searching, GKP also displays the number of searches of similar keywords. For example from the picture above, in addition to the keyword new clothes there are also others such as selling clothes, buy a shirt online, buy and sell clothes online, and others.

But of course his decision back to your hand and relevant or whether your content with a long tail.

Lastly, if your website is in the form of an online shop (e-commerce) or dimonetisasi with affiliate products, long tail keywords usually gives a conversion rate larger than the usual keyword. This is because people who use the long tail is usually the intention of buying it.

This chapter was just a introduction to keyword research and its relationship towards SEO, if you want to explore more about this topic please go guide specifically for keyword research.


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