Nulisku Android 10+ Best Online TV Apps for Android & PC in 2021, Free!

10+ Best Online TV Apps for Android & PC in 2021, Free!

10+ Best Online TV Apps for Android &PC in 2021, Free!
10+ Best Online TV Apps for Android &PC in 2021, Free!

10+ Best Online TV Apps for Android &PC in 2021, Free! – At home there is no TV and there is only a WiFi network? Or you want to watch a live stream of the ball, but you’re out of the house or on your way.

In addition to watching movies, watching TV can be a fun activity to fill your free time with a variety of New York and overseas shows.

With hp technology that is increasingly advanced, of course you have asked there is not a way to watch TV on mobile or how to watch TV online,?

But now you don’t have to be confused anymore! Because many of the best online TV applications that you can access both using your Android phone and PC or laptop.

With the recommendations of the watch TV app below, you can live stream a variety of American TV channels. Starting from FOX, CNN CNN IBN, NBC, CNBC, CNBC TV 18, ABC, MTV America and others.

There are also a range of other overseas channels that you can watch for free in HD. Curious what are the recommendations of Indonesian TV application from me? Let’s check out the full review below!

10+ Best Online TV Apps for Android &PC in 2021, Free!

1. Mivo TV

First there is Mivo TV, which is one of the online TV viewing apps on Android phones that you can try.

Mivo TV provides more than 50 TV channels, both local and overseas TV that you can watch for free.

This Indonesian TV application provides national TV channels, such as tvOne, Trans 7, Trans TV, Metro TV and others. As for overseas channels, you can watch Al Jazeera and DW.

Oh yes in addition to the application version, Mivo TV can also be accessed through the official website via the browser on your PC or laptop.

2. RCTI+

Who doesn’t know RCTI? After success in the world of broadcasting, now they also penetrated the streaming service that can be enjoyed anywhere.

For how to watch on mobile with RCTI+ application can be said to be simple. Just log in with your Facebook or Google account, you can already access all its features.

In addition to RCTI, you can also watch other local channels that are members of MNC Group, starting from MNC, GTV, and iNews. Guaranteed to be fun and cool impressions!

3. Vidio

In addition to providing local and international TV streaming services, Vidio also provides a variety of other content such as watching movies and TV series.

Compared to TV shows, this TV watching app is more recommended for you sports fans with various sports channels in it.

For you basketball fans there is NBA TV, while for football fans there are BeIN Sports and Champions TV, gangs.

Unfortunately this feature can only be accessed if you subscribe to Vidio Premier at a very low price.

4. MAXstream

Especially for Telkomsel users, you can also enjoy MAXstream, a free TV application with no quota that you can use.

MAXstream provides TV channels from various categories, such as Movies and Entertainment, Kids and Education, Sports and Hobby, News Channel, and Local TV.

So what about those of you who don’t use Telkomsel? Relax, you can still use MAXstream!

Only you are given more limited shows, such as being able to watch local TV and some other channels.

5. tvOne Connect

Not only MNC Group through RCTI+, Bedigital Connectivity Asia also does not want to lose by presenting the streaming service application tvOne Connect.

Here, you can watch all tvOne shows from your mobile phone. Of course this is perfect for those of you who do not have time to watch from the television screen.

Don’t worry, the video and audio quality of this app is guaranteed to be clear and quality, really! There are also on-demand videos for those of you who miss your favorite shows.

6. Vision+

Vision+ which used to be called MNC Mobile is not only airing TV channels from MNC Group, such as RCTI, Global TV, MNC TV, and iNews TV only, gangs.

On the TV tab in this TV streaming app there are also other local channels along with overseas channels such as Al Jazeera, DW, and France 24.

Oh yes, starting in 2020, you can also live stream the ball, especially Liga 1 which starts a new season in Vision+ as well.

7. TVRI Click

Since the massive reforms undertaken by TVRI, Indonesia’s first television station has also been involved in streaming services, loh!

TVRI Klik presents a variety of educational and up-to-date shows, exactly like TVRI’s vision and mission in presenting quality spectacles for the nation.

The cool thing is, you will no longer find the classic problem of TVRI shows that are always ugly and blurry. In this app, Jaka guarantees that the show will be clear and high resolution!

10. TVexe HD TV

Lastly, there is TVexe TV HD which is the single best PC online TV application that Jaka can still use to this day, gang.

TVexe has a database of TV channels from all over the world including Indonesia that can be filtered easily in the application.

With the auto search feature, of course you don’t have to bother looking for live streaming links in your browser, right?

End of Word

Those are some of the best online TV application recommendations that you can try on your Android phone or on your PC or laptop.

Although there’s only one TV streaming app on your PC, you can actually try other ways. For example directly visit the Mivo TV site or through YouTube, gangs.

Please share and comment this article to keep up with information, tips and tricks, and news about technology from JalanTikus. Good luck!

For indiHome home internet package users, you will get the benefit of streaming TV service with various paid channels in it.

Instead of being a pity for having a subscription, you can also use the UseeTV GO app to watch it anytime and anywhere.

As for those of you who don’t subscribe to IndiHome, there are also some free TV channels that you can watch!

For those of you who are curious, mending try to download the Indonesian HD TV application and abroad this one.


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